Friday, April 24, 2009

Website in the Works

Jools asked how much my jewellery sells for. Most of the pendants are $70-$80 which includes a leather or sterling silver chain. I have a temporary store at Big Cartel (see link to the right) but the exciting news is I have the very talented Sam working on a new lovely website that you will be able to buy through. Yeh! 
I have also sourced some anti-tarnish bags which I will include with purchases to keep your jewellery lovely and shiny. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Designs

I found some lovely buttons that I wanted to try on some jewellery. The buttons have nice intricate designs on them and press nicely. I promised my sister I would make her a necklace, so the LYN one is for her. I made the other for an 8 year old girl for her Birthday. Happy Birthday Bella!

Fingerprints SOLD!

I'm very excited to have done my first Fingerprint Pendant for someone other than family! These were done for Naomi. The prints are from her daughters, Jessica and Claire, and include their birth dates.