Sunday, January 4, 2009

On yer bike...

Yesterday was my favourite day so far, since becoming a parent. 
What was so momentus about this day? Well, my son learnt to ride a bike. I'm still not sure why I got such a kick out of this accomplishment, all kids learn to ride a bike at some point. Maybe it's because my son refused to learn before. He got this bike two years ago for Christmas! He rode it a few times with the training wheels, had a few crashes and that was it, he decided he was never going to ride a bike. I tried many times to convince him that everyone can learn to ride a bike and that it is so much fun. 
So I was surprised when my husband suggested we take the bike, sans training wheels, with us on our holiday, and my son said, OK. After about 15 minutes of me running alongside, holding him steady, he GOT  IT! And that was it. He spent every waking second, for the rest of our holiday, riding his bike. 
The look on his face at this accomplishment was truly the                                                                   best thing I've ever seen. 

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