Monday, December 8, 2008

To Blog is human..

I am new to this blog thing, so be nice!
I believe everyone has a story to tell, and this may very well be mine.


  1. Fantastic. Welcome to blogland! I look forward to following your journey.

  2. Welcome, welcome. I am trying to fathom how one gets a fingerprint into silver. A lovely idea. I do like those other pendants too.

  3. Found you via Kristen's blog. Am having trouble working out (remebering, thinking at all) how to comment on your posts, other than this one which already had a comment! Anyway LOVE the fingerprint jewellery idea and would love to hear if you are doing this on commission. All the best in blogland.

  4. Love your Babushka Pendant... it's a must have for someone like me who owns more than 200 Babushka sets! I'll keep an eye on your Blog to see if you start selling them! Please :-)